Sunday, March 9, 2008


This weekend I bought my first (and hopefully only) pair of pregnancy jeans. The little one is growing and my jeans aren't cutting it any more. So, here is a picture of them and of the belly at about 16 weeks! What you can't see is taht the top of these are made up of a spandex type material that will expand with baby. They should last until I am due.

I am impressed by the quality and selection of maternity clothes, and the prices. These jeans were less than my last regular pair!


Anonymous said...

You are blooming, Katie! And I do hope that the extra energy and pep continues on:) (Actually, as things go I think you are right on target.) Enjoy these wonderful anticipatory days-isn't it such fun to think about this little one-what he or she will be and look like...this little Christian so fresh from God's own hand.

Bethany said...

Katie, you're so cute! And now you're seventeen weeks along. That means you can find out soon if it's a boy or girl. Are you going to find out or keep it a surprise?

Katie Jones said...

We will have an ultrasound in 2 1/2 weeks and we will tell what we are having, if it is possible to determine that. I'll keep the blog updated!