Saturday, March 15, 2008

Katie and Baby go on an Adventure!

I had to go out to the Catalina Island for work (lucky me!). I had to go out and collect some audit samples from the Santa Catalina Island Conservancy.

Our day began at 4:30 am. We took the 6:15am Catalina Express boat out to the city of Avalon on the Island from the Long Beach harbor. Baby decided early on during the trip that it did not enjoy the open water, and consequently, we spent the trip in the handicapped restroom. Ugh. At the very end however, I was able to come out and saw some dolphins playing in the waves.

We arrived in Avalon at 7:30am and immediately felt better. As the ship was pulling into the Harbor, the island looked dreamlike. It was absolutely beautiful and largely untouched, except for the little houses and businesses that covered the harbor area. It was kind of like stepping back in time also. There were no chain restaurants (except one KFC/Taco Bell), and most people were out and about walking instead of driving.
Aftr a quick bagel and cream cheese breakfast (to replace the one lost on the journey), we walked all over Avalon, up and down the little streets and down by the beach. The island was originally purchased by The Wrigley Family (think Gum) and is still maintained in part by their descendants.
I got into work at 8:30, and worked pretty quickly. For lunch the client wanted to take me out to lunch and we spent most of the time talking about life on the Island. It was fascinating. If you needed food, there was one Vons on the island, if you needed clothes, you could go t the boutiques or just wear a lot of Santa Catalina tourist shirts. They also had one school (K-12) for all the children on the island and one Catholic Church, and a couple of protestant/community churches.
All in all the day was very enjoyable. Maybe we can go back again, once the pregnancy is over. :)

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Anonymous said...

Katie-I have always wanted to go to Catalina. Now you know the ropes. It would be such a fun day to go with baby dear someday. I want to!!