Tuesday, March 4, 2008

In love :)

Yes, I am very much in love with the second trimester! I feel like I am five years old. I have energy! I want to do things and go places! I get giddy about eating yummy foods (strawberries, frozen yogurt, Trader Joe's sharp cheeses) and beautiful, sunny California days. If this is what the next couple of months will be like, I would like more of them! In about two weeks, I have gone from feeling sick, tired and generally blah, to happy and feeling like I have more energy than I can manage. Well, I will enjoy it while it lasts, and take the opportunity to get some things done before it goes away.

One of my favorite things lately has been to plan trips. In April (after Pascha- the Orthodox Easter on April 27th- read the Wikipedia article for more info on why it is different from the Western March 23rd date if you want), I will drive up to Northern CA to see my family for a few days. I have made it a tradition of taking off the week after Pascha for vacation.

Next, for Memorial Day Weekend, Nathan and I took off an extra day and will stay in a B&B up in Julian, CA. Julian is a little mountain town famous for apples and local arts. It is very quaint in the best sort of way and Nathan spent a lot of time there when he was growing up.

I also like thinking about fun day trips for the weekends. If anyone has any suggestions for the LA/Orange Co. area, let me know. Preferably something outdoors. :)

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