Friday, January 29, 2010

1st Potty Training Lesson

The other day, Luke had his very first potty training lesson.... on accident.

For the past few weeks I have been telling him that I am changing his poo-poo or potty when I change his diaper. Then, the other day, when I was going to go use the restroom, I informed him that I would be going poo-poo on the toilet (as opposed to in my diaper of course). He got very excited and pointed to his diaper, saying poo-poo.

Yep, that is where his poo-poo was. He really needed to have his diaper changed.

Luke is not really "ready" to be potty trained yet (in my opinion). But, he is beginning to show signs that he will be ready sometime soon. He is becoming more aware of his body and can now express himself well enough. However, other important benchmarks are still to come- like being able to stay dry through the night though (since he still wakes up!), but the thought of no more diapers does get me excited!


Ma Torg said...

You can start potty training before dry nights. Some kids don't stop wetting till after 6 years old. Mary Sue still needs diapers at night.

I need to potty train Edmund. I am just too lazy.

Cindy Platt said...

You're making him aware and that's the most important thing. Great job!