Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Housekeeping and Diapers

Well, the cleaning has been going well... though not according to the Simple Mom schedule. I decided to tackle the kitchen first- mainly because that was where Luke wanted to be. I let him play with some measuring spoons and a tiny bit of water in the sink. It kept him busy for a WHOLE HOUR! In that time, I was able to organize the countertops, clean the counters and the sink with bleach, clean my stovetop and oven front, and wipe down the fronts of most of my cabinets (eww-there were still some stains from the previous owners!) At nap time, I sweeped and mopped the floors. Whew! I felt SO accomplished- like a cleaning high!

Today was a busier day due to more errands and library hour, but I still manage to get a few things done. Tomorrow the living room and dining room are going down!

Also, for all of those moms who need diapers, check this out! I got $50 of diapers for $25 and had it delivered to my home for free in 2 days!!!


Kathy said...

Wow Katie I am impressed. I am very interested to hear how this plan goes. I have never done an intensive spring cleaning like this. Keep us posted how it works out. 10 days and all done-that sounds wonderful!!
And Luke playing with water for an hour-good job at extending his attention span!!

Cari said...

I love cleaning! Around here it gets 'undone' pretty quickly, but what a nice feeling to have things clean! PS~ where is the diaper link?

La Mailleraye said...

Thanks for the link to SimpleMom! I really like her blog!