Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I discovered a new hobby today- yard work. I bundled Luke up (partly because it was cold, partly to prevent more bug bites), grabbed a rake, broom, and trash bags and headed outdoors. I had been noticing that, since we have the biggest tree, our lawn tends to have the most leaves on it of all the houses on our block. Not wanting to be a poor neighbor, I got to work.

I love physical labor. It always evens me out a bit, lifts my spirits, and helps me think more clearly. It was a joy to see how much Luke liked being outdoors too. When we are inside, he wants mommy as a constant companion and playmate. Outdoors, he is very independent and excited to discover new territory. Luke walked all over my leaf piles, dug in the dirt, and hunted for acorns.

Here are some pictures of our hard work:

3 big bags!
Clean entryway!


Kathy said...

Katie you are reminding me of how I love to do the same thing! It clears my mind to just get out and work in the yard, feeling the breezes and soaking up the sun. I am looking forward to doing it more!! And it always is good for the kiddos to just get outside and explore. Who cares how dirty they get? Paul is the same over at our house-outside he is on his own and off-no more hanging onto anyone!!

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

I feel that way about gardening, although sometimes it is hard to remember! (I get stuck inside sometimes thinking it will just be too much trouble to go out and do x, y, z...) But when I do it I love it!