Thursday, October 15, 2009

Language Explosion!

This past month has been amazing. I am really enjoying watching Luke play with new things, play in new ways, and learn how to communicate.

New words include:

Please (sss')
Thank you (than-tu)
Grandma (ma'am-a)
Grandpa (bompa)

Also, he is definitely understanding what I say more and more. The other day Clara was pretending to be Snow White, asleep in her coffin, awaiting a Prince to come and kiss her. Luke was designated as the Prince, so I told him, "Luke, go over and kiss Clara." And that is just what he did- a big, slobbery, open-mouthed kiss.

Luke's kisses are big and messy right now, and he likes to kiss everything. I love it when I get kisses. He loves giving kisses- he breaks out into a huge smile after he has given one out.

We have been very happily busy these past few weeks with a parade of visits from family. I will update again soon, and try to get some of this verbal communication on tape!

1 comment:

Hope said...

I know; aren't those kisses the best! And isn't it amazing when they suddenly seem to understand what you say? Benji's doing that too. I think, "Oh my gosh, you understand me! When did that happen?"
Miss you! Hope