Sunday, October 25, 2009

Festivities and the News

Yesterday, Nathan and I took Luke to a Mediterranean Festival (think Greek Festival with more Arabic food) at a local Orthodox church. We all had a great time. There was an abundance of tasty food, great music and entertainment, and Luke's favorite- a giant blow-up obstacle course.

Luke was in top form- walking all over the festival grounds, dancing to the music, and eating lots of pita bread. He kept wandering over to the "Amazon family obstacle course," which was a giant inflated obstacle course made for children obviously older than him. That didn't stop him though. After pulling him away from the course several times, I gave in and we went through it together. Luke surprised me with his braver, and I surprised myself with how strong I have become after carrying him around so much.

To make it through the course, you had to climb up two different walls just by hanging on to a rope and gripping your feet into a ladder built into the wall. When you got to the top, there was a slide on the other side. I held Luke with one arm and trudged up the wall, holding on with my other hand and both feet. When We got to the top, Luke wiggled out of my arms, turned on his belly and slid down all by himself. (note to grandparents: remember this was all done in a heavily padded blow-up arena).

Oh, and one unhappy thing. Luke got a bite on his ankle from something in the grass and it is red and swollen. I think it was a spider, but am not sure. We are watching him closely and have put a rub on it. Please pray that it does not get any worse. He went to church today without shoes on because it was so big. Poor baby.

Here are some pictures of our day:

Pita baby:

Dancing to the music
A view of the grounds:

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