Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Book

My new book just came. I am excited. :)

Here is a snippet from the back cover:

"The Orthodox Church is a repository of great and full spiritual literature- much of which can make a mother of young children feel like she's an irrelevant, distracted, decidedly non-spiritual entity... Is it possible to flourish and grow in your faith, while changing diapers and driving carpool? Close To Home shows that the answer is yes- and what's more, that your not alone."

Seriously, since the move and since Luke has gained some key new abilities (walking!), church has felt very chaotic. For weeks, I think that I have only been in service half of the time and actually paying attention for half of that. I know that going to church and being part of its community is not just about what I get from it, but I have felt so lost lately. I am looking forward to this read.


Elisabeth said...

Hi Katie, what IS the title? Sounds very good.

Something Yiannis was reading to me this week (from Mother Maira Skobtsova's writings) made me think...file that one for when Thanos gets bigger and is a toddler and I am even less able to focus during Liturgy. We go to church to pray for the salvation of the world and the question of what did I gain from the Liturgy is pretty essentiallly a bad question, I think. Ok..that's all for now. Cheerio, Beth

Katie Jones said...

Beth, it is called Close to Home by Molly Sabourin. I'll call you later in case you aren't much online.