Thursday, September 10, 2009

Since I have the time...

I love the new child-sharing program that we have going. Bethany is out grocery shopping and taking the kids to the park, so I have had time to get some things done. I worked for 1 and 1/2 hours and took care of a few things around the house. Oh, and I got a shower!

The kids seem to like it too. Yesterday, I took Clara and Luke to play at the Indoor Castle Playground at Memorial City Mall. If you go before the mall opens, there are only a few kids. They enjoyed themselves tremendously. Luke crawled and cruised around the whole place. I am continually amazed at what he will do. He crawls up and down steps all on his own. He went down the tunnel slide (with mamma). It is made of a squishy plastic material to prevent serious bumps.

Tomorrow, its my turn again, and we are headed to the Children's Museum. I LOVE the museum. It is amazing! Luke could live there if I brought enough snacks. :) I'll try to bring a camera. The problem is, that with two kids, my hands are usually full. :) This is really getting me ready for what things might be like with two little ones!

Also, Luke is really beginning to talk. When I get him up in the morning, he looks at me seriously and says "Mama, gum-a-gum." I wonder what that will turn into. Maybe Mama, good morning?

He also says "here-you-go" when he hands me an object, or when I give him an object. It sounds more like "heru-go." He usually couples this with "mama" when he is addressing me.

One more Luke note- just for kicks! When we got in the car the other day to go somewhere by ourselves, Luke looked over to the other side of the back seat and said "mara?" "Mara" is his word for Clara. He wanted to know where she was. So cute! :)

I love the new noises!

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Anonymous said...

I love to hear how Clara and Luke are getting to be such good friends. And I love to hear how Luke is talking- His own name for Clara, no less-What an amazing little man;) mm