Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Luke loves his Auntie just about as much as he loves Clara. Auntie gives him hugs and kisses and gives him pony rides on her knee. She has also taken care of him a bit in recent weeks as we worked on our house closing and while I had yet another bout of trouble with my teeth.

This afternoon as I was putting Luke down for a nap, I noticed him saying something different. He was saying, "say, Auntie." It was remarkably clear! Bethany has been trying to teach him to say "Auntie." I guess he thought "say Auntie" was all one thing. :) So cute.


Anonymous said...

Well I have to hurry back and teach Luke, "say Grammy!" Wow the learning curve is taking a surge. Thank God for Luke's bright, sharp little mind:) mm

Bethany said...

I'm so honored that my relentless efforts to teach him a name for me have finally paid off! Love it. I tried all afternoon to capture it on video, to no avail. I'm going to keep trying. Clara's right, he's "our little Bubba-Boy-ee!"