Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Luke Misses His Daddy

Since coming to Texas, Nathan and I have tried to be very consistent with a bedtime routine in order to help him feel more comfortable about sleeping. At the end of our routine, I usually take Luke to the glider to rock him to sleep, while Nathan stands at the bedroom door and waves "night-night." Last night when I put Luke down, he looked toward the empty door and vigorously waved "night-night." He seemed a little confused that no one was there. He sure misses Nathan.

I also know that he misses Nathan because he has pretty much been inseparable from me these past few days. He whines if I put him down and climbs up my legs wherever I am.

In general life has been tough for Luke lately. It is good for me to pay attention to his behavioral changes and to remember to have extra patience for him right now. His life is in flux right now and needs a little extra comfort. I laid in bed last night remorseful for how impatient I have been with his night-wakings, and need for extra attention.

Sorry Luke, I am trying.


Anonymous said...

Oh Katie, things will get better. (Sometimes I used to think that mothering can be such a guilt ridden job! I still feel bad when I think of times when I was impatient with my kids... I sure did my share of apologizing.... But I remember realizing that if God had wanted to have perfect parents He could have made it that way, but He did not-instead He gave us sinners the job--- and it is best this way!! Then I thought that our kids will know what to do when they blow it because we showed them how to confess and apologize so many times!!)
Luke is going to be soo happy to see Daddy on Friday. lyf,mm

Anonymous said...

PS You are a great mommy and Luke is so very blessed to have you. You are doing the most important job in the whole wide world-one that nobody else can do-being Luke's mommy and Nathan's wife!!

Jen said...

Sweet post, Katie. Thanks for sharing your heart.

I'm glad you are a "tuned in" mom. :o)

Hope said...

That's tough. Hang in there! Where is Nathan?