Monday, September 28, 2009

A Homecoming- Part 2

It was kind of an anti-climactic experience signing our papers on Wednesday afternoon (the former residents requested to stay for two days after closing as part of our contract), so I will begin our story on Friday.

At about noon. I received a call that our POD's from storage were arriving at the new house. Luke and I drove over to meet the truck and watch them drop the POD's in front of our new house. A few neighbor kids and their parents watched as well.

I met several of the neighbors that afternoon, and more the next day. I think that the new neighbors are our real treasure. We were wowed by their hospitality, and are excited to get to know them better. Also, it seems that everyone stays at home here. Next door to us is an elderly lady who is an original owner. Next to her is a empty-nest couple who were originally from Canada. He works from home. They brought over a cooler full of drinks on moving day. Next to them is a Catholic domestic missionary family just a few years older than us. They have 4 charming children and brought us the most delicious brownies. I could go on.... Life on a culdesac seems like it makes for a nice community.

Friday night was a terror. Luke was in the throes of the worst teething pain he has had yet and was up between 12am-4am. Bethany showed us the trick of watching the Sound of Music with Luke. He didn't sleep, but at least he didn't cry the whole time. Poor baby, molars are not fun!

Saturday went very smoothly. We had so many people to help and everything was unloaded by 2pm. It will take a bit longer for everything to find a place, but that is what happened. At least I have lots of closets to put boxes until I can get to them.

Sunday, Luke and I went to church while Nathan recovered. He had done a lot of heavy lifting and his back has been giving him trouble. Church was so refreshing, and it was only a 15 minute drive.

So there is the narrative. Besides that, I will say that I LOVE this house. It is the ideal family home. Thanks to all who helped out!

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Kathy said...

Katie I am go glad that you are into such a loving community!!--well now another loving community!! I love the news of the neighbors and yes the treasure that they are for you guys. There is certainly something to be said for old fashioned southern hospitality.... I cannot wait to come and see! lyf,mm