Thursday, March 26, 2009


We had a great time in Texas this past week. It was our first true family vacation since having Luke. Here are some stories and pictures from our journey.

Tues 3/17- We left for airport at about 9am and traveled all day. Luke was his usual jolly self throughout the plane ride, and made friends with several fellow passengers. It actually took us a little while to check our bags too, because the Southwest agent couldn't get over how cute and friendly he was. :)

Luke with Aunt Bethany:

Wed 3/18- We settled in and just spent the day with the Getz's. Bethany and I took Clara to the park while Nathan and Evan went over to work on Evan and Bethany's new house. While we were there, Nathan helped remove old carpet and install a kitchen sink and water filter. Here is Luke in the stroller:
3/19- Drove around Houston a bit and more hang out time. Spent some time outside too- the weather was actually gorgeous!

3/20- During the night, my cold (which had already dragged on for a week and a half) turned into a sinus infection. I spent much of the day with salt water.

Cousins playing together (Notice how well Luke sits up!):

3/21- Luke and I went yard-saleing/ thrift store shopping with the Getz's while Nathan enjoyed a quiet morning at home. We found some great deals and saw some of the Houston suburbs. That evening, we had a fun dinner at BJ's with some of Evan and Bethany's friends.

3/22- We went to church at St. George Orthodox Church in Houston. I had been there last November, but it was Nathan's first time. We enjoyed our time immensely and were overwhelmed with the hospitality of the parish. One thing that I love about Southerner's is how well they understand the art of hospitality.

Later we went out for some old-fashioned, authentic Texas Barbeque at the Swinging Door restaurant. It was a grand little place in the country. We were not disappointed:

3/23- We visited Houston Baptist University (Evan teaches in the Honor's College) and rested up for our journey home. HBU is a great campus. The buildings are beautiful and the campus is very green. The weather was again nearly ideal (I saw nearly, because living in Huntington Beach shows you what ideal weather is) and Luke spent some time swinging outside. He loves swinging, especially when he has people around to tickle his toes.

3/24- Our journey was at an end. We said goodbye to the Getz's and boarded the plane.

We had a great time, but were very excited to be at home in our own beds again. Yesterday I spent all day cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping, etc.. to catch up from our trip.

Thanks for hosting us Evan and Bethany!


Ma Torg said...

This is a very silly comment: but I LOVE Luke's chubby thighs! So cute!

Bethany said...

We miss you already! It was such fun to have you. Clara and I were a bit down on Tuesday after you left.

And even before seeing Ma Torg's comment, I was going to comment on Luke's thighs! Aren't they adorable in that picture?

Are you feeling better, Katie? How about Baby Luke?