Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sad Little Eyes

On Tuesday night, we took Luke in to the Urgent Care center because we noticed that his eyes were very irritated and had some yellow discharge. The doctor confirmed that he had pink-eye and sent us home with some ointment. Yesterday he seemed a little sensitive and fought me tooth and nail whenever I tried to wipe his eyes or put the ointment in.

Really, they have to come up with something better than this ointment. The pharmacist told us very calmly that we were to pull down his lower eyelid and slip the ointment in. There is nothing calm or easy about this process. Luke screams and closes his eyes as tightly as he can and flails his arms while I try to apply the medicine. I asked about drops and they said that he was too young.

Anyways, today he slept most of the day, and cried a bit of the time he was awake. Poor little guy. He kept looking at me, sucking on his binky, with big, sad eyes. I widh there was more that I could do.

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Anonymous said...

You can just put the ointment on the lid crease and it will melt into the eye. You can just put it on your finger and then on his lid crease. Are his little eyes looking better than before? If the area around the eye gets red or swollen, the infection may be spreading. Warm water on a cotton ball or washcloth may help to soothe it. Poor baby boy:( mm