Sunday, March 8, 2009


Luke and I have been under the weather since Friday. This is not a flat-on-our-back type cold, but more a runny nose, congested, achy-type cold. Poor Luke has not slept as well due tot he fact that he has to choose between breathing and sucking on his trusty binky sometimes. :(

I am continuing to experiment with Veggie meals. Last Thursday we had a yummy oven-baked omelet and toast. Basically, you mix up an omelet in a mixing bowl and then put it into a greased glass dish and bake it until the eggs have cooked. I used garlic, onion, and cheese in mine, but it is versatile.

To keep up with pictures/videos of the little guy, here is one that Nathan took when he got Luke up after a nap. Note the surprise exhibited when big Daddy-O shows himself to little Baby-Boo:


Anonymous said...

Look at that! He is trying to sit up and is getting his head off the bed! Awsome Luke keep working at it. Aunt B

Anonymous said...

I am surprised too that Luke is doing crunches!! Oh that is so cute when he is surprised to see Nathan. Precious little baby boy.