Thursday, March 12, 2009

Eulogy for the White Truck

There was a time when you were needed, its true,
But now baby came, and you're with someone new.
I am sorry for all the names I called,
And for the way I was appalled,
At your poor gas mileage economy.

I know it is better this way,
Though I didn't think I'd see the day,
You would pull out of the drive,
At the same time, out of our lives,
Bye, Bye White Truck Bye, Bye.

Last night two guys came to see the truck and bought it in less than 5 minutes. Nathan and I were rather shocked. After two years of on-and-off trying to sell, it was gone. Now I kind of feel bad for all of the bad things I had to say about it. Mostly though, I feel relieved that we no longer have three vehicles, and we again have more savings.


Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Yay! I'm happy for you - no more car selling headaches, and money in the bank. Your insurance payments will go down, too!

Hope said...

I love it! I didn't know you were a poet.