Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Short Thoughts

I keep wanting to blog, but haven't had the time to think about any one thing for very long. Here are some short clips:

1. I like Dr. Seuss. Luke likes Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss is brilliant and certainly written to be read aloud.

2. I threaded my sewing machine for the first time today. If I get a chance, I hope to have a simple project finished soon. Nathan is excited- I can mend some clothes for him.

3. I have a love-hate relationship with coupons. My brain is already so scattered, that I just want to go somewhere with good produce and good prices. On the other hand, I lie getting stuff for free when I double my coupons at Ralphs.

4. Luke is finally tolerating his stroller well enough to go further than a block away.

5. On Saturday, Luke and I visited a running expo with our friend Laurel. I enjoyed it a lot and I think that we will look into walking a 10k soon. Also, I am going to try to participate in the Walk-4-Life event with the Whittier Pregnancy Care Clinic next month.

6. It was hard to leave KPMG.

7. I made some new granola bars that I like better in some ways, and less in others than my standard "power granola bars." I'll post when I have fiddles with the recipe enough to like the new ones.

8. Luke hates tummy time, but he is developing a flat spot on the back of his head from laying on his back so much. I am making him do more tummy time. He likes it when there are other babies around- yay for playgroup!

9. I am reading a book on St. Dimitri Klepinin who was canonized in 2004. He lived during WWII and helped save many people's lives. There were lots of saints from that era.

10. I am looking forward to this weekend. Nathan and I are going to the Temecula Wine Country for Saturday afternoon sans baby. That will be nice.


Cari said...

I like your short thoughts:) In regards to #6, I am sure it was very hard for you, but I promise that leaving Luke would have been harder. And your afternoon trip sounds fun! Enjoy!!!!

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Can you tell me more about the Walk for Life event? I might be interested in doing it with you.