Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Family Car

Well, off and on for the past few years (yes, years), we have been trying to sell our truck and buy a second sedan. Various things happened along the way. Some of you might remember that we bought a very used BMW, but that did not truly fit the bill. The truck never sold because the gas prices kept rising and people did not want a truck that got 18-20 mpg. They offered us really low (really low!), and we decided against selling it. Also we were both so busy with work, that we just decided it wasn't worth the hassle of selling.

Later, after having Luke and discovering that his car seat barely fits in my car, we thought of buying something from a dealer and just trading the truck in. When we saw new car prices, we thought the better of this idea, and resolved to just keep the truck and the carolla.

So now to today, or rather, Monday. I saw an ad for a 2002 Toyota Avalon XLS at a very reasonable price. We drove out and test drove it, and loved it. It is the top of the line for the Toyota brand- complete with leather seats, power everything, a back seat that could fit 3 adults or three car seats, 20-27 mpg, and a trunk that you could fit a small family (or Luke's large stroller) in. It has also been impecably maintained.

So, we bought it, and are picking it up tomorrow night. Here are the pictures:

Also, if anyone is interested in a well-maintained 2004 Ford Ranger Edge with a cap on the truck bed and only 40K miles, let me know. We are willing to deal!


Anonymous said...

Very nice, congratulations! Papa J.

Anonymous said...

So nice, and big!