Monday, January 10, 2011

15 + weeks and Richard Scarry

I do seem to write a lot of dual purpose posts don't I?

Part 1:
Today I had an appointment with the midwives. I got to see midwife 3/4 (only one unknown now), and I have loved every visit so far. Today was pretty routine, get weighed, run a simple lab, hear the heartbeat, and chat a little. Everything looks good so far and I am grateful for that. It is always a joy to hear the heartbeat too. My "big" ultrasound is 4 weeks from today. Any bets about boy or girl?

Personally, I have a feeling that it is a girl. Nathan thinks it is a boy, a brawny, manly-type boy due to my unusual cravings. (for example, earlier this week he asked me if I would like a steak and I said yes. Usually, it is not my thing.) I really don't care what it is, but I am leaning toward wanting a boy so that Luke has a brother close in age.

I would post a picture too, but not much has changed. Sometimes, late in the evening when I am full, the belly shows a little, but it is gone again by morning. My regular clothes still fit fine too.

Part 2:
In other news, Luke is very happy to be home. Not that he didn't enjoy seeing all of his grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, etc... He just is becoming more of a homebody. I have to have a really good excuse to go out nowadays or he fights it. Good excuses include: going to Clara's house, the library, Costco or HEB, the park, or church on occasion.

When we do leave the house, we must not leave one very important thing behind. Can you guess? No, it is not a stuffed animal or blanket or favorite toy. He must have this book. Yes, Richard Scarry is Luke's new hero (and mine!). He read his book on the kitchen floor this afternoon while I made a very good dinner and dessert. Usually, I have a whiny, clingy boy at that time of day. Today, he was happy and occupied, reciting nearly every vehicle listed on the 60+ page book. :) Will I have a reader? I hope so- I was!


Nathan Jones said...

Mama's also been cravin' G&T and Tequila Sunrise. (She's holding back.) I'm expecting a manly man child.

Ma Torg said...

Yay! Richard Scary! Our girls LOVED the 'things that go' book so much when they were toddlers.

Well, if cravings alcohol means boy, then that'd be something. I've been craving hard liquor like CRAZY this pregnancy!

Excited to hear the news soon!

Bethany said...

Awww, Luke loves his present from cousin Clara. She knew he would like it. :)

Remember how I craved beer during my pregnancy with Jane? And steak too (both times). So, it could be a strapping girl in there.

Anonymous said...

What are you, little one? I have no clue-but it good to think is the opposite of what you are rather hoping for and then maybe you will not be too surprised;) Luke is a boy after my heart with his bookishness. Gotta love it!!

Anonymous said...

GIRL! Only because Papa said boy lol. Aunt B