Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pregnancy Pictures: Week 18

Well, since there is a little bump showing now, I thought I'd add some pictures. Here they are:

In other pregnancy news, I am still struggling with morning sickness int he evening and any time I have anything remotely spicy. Ugh. One nice thing is that I can feel the baby moving around. It makes the discomfort more worth it. This baby is so strong that I have already felt the kicks from the outside. Nathan has felt the baby too. I am afraid that it is a big baby or Hercules (maybe both?) This is a bit amazing to me since I didn't fell Luke until about Week 20, and Nathan didn't feel him until at least 22. Oh boy (or girl!)

Oh, and my sonogram is next Monday, February 7th. I'll keep you all posted on what we find out!


Anonymous said...

Wow Katie- you do have a bump:) Just since we saw you things have changed!! We are praying for you and for baby dear. mm

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Aww, cute little baby bump!! I'm sorry about the sickness. That is not fun at all. Hopefully it will go away soon!

Anonymous said...

Katie, you look so beautiful. mm