Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On Our Own

So yesterday was a sad day. We took Nathan to the airport first thing in the morning and off he went. Luke took it all in stride and mostly focused on how cool the planes were. Good for him. :)

We had a good first day together, read lots of books, baked, organized drawers, and generally had a good time. We got to talk with Nathan last night and it was very fun. I was putting laundry away with Luke and he kept putting articles of clothing up to the phone for Nathan to see. So cute. :)

Today, I was playing with Luke outside at a friends house. It was really hot, so the kids wanted to go in the little swimming pool. We were having a great time in the water when I stepped on a small branch and punctured my right foot. It went in almost an inch I believe and cut through muscle. So, now I am limping.

I called my mom and Nathan's mom so I now have some great advice on how to deal with it. It still hurts, but what can I expect. Luke was very helpful this evening as I redressed the wound. He brought me a box of bandages and tried to bring me a towel. He is very interested in "owies." It seems like most kids are- at least the ones I know. :)


Bethany said...

Luke is such a sweetie, trying to help his wounded mama. I hope your foot gets better soon, Katie.

St. Nicholas and Christmas said...

Oh no... your poor foot! But you know, God really does have His reasons for allowing such inconvenience! I hit my head on the refrigerator last February and after 2 months in bed it is what inspired me to finally get my manuscript, St. Nicholas and Christmas, out of the computer file and into the world! You have a lovely blog! So nice to "meet" you and I sure hope you feel better soon!