Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Imaginative Play

Luke is beginning to use his imagination when he plays. It has been interesting to see what subject matter he uses for this play and shows me why psychologists use "play therapy" for their youngest clients. It is amazing to see how much their play is influenced by what is happening in their lives.

I wrote earlier about how he liked to say that large items were mommies and daddies, and their smaller counterparts were babies (i.e. Mommy sun (big sun) and Baby sun (small sun). Here are some other recent examples:

1. When we all spend time together in the morning in our bed, Luke makes the blankets into a tent and pretends to hand us food. He especially likes to give us beans, rice, berries, and ice cream "beans, wice, bewwies, and i scream). Then, it is our job to eat it and say "yum, yum!" Luke really likes all of these foods and he likes to eat.

2. Last night, Luke was playing with some plastic balls and began taking them to his time-out chair to give them time-outs. He would pick a ball up, look sternly at it, and take it to time-out. If the ball rolled out of position, he would yell "no, no," and take it back to the spot he put it down. The twos are hitting with a vengeance right now and Luke has had lots of time-outs as of late. Sometimes, I think half the day is spent disciplining for something or other. Time-outs are our primary method of discipline right now, so I guess he is getting the message- at least in part. Now, he knows what time-outs are, and how to give them himself.... if only he would stop the behavior that we were trying to stave off by using time-outs. Well, I guess he has plenty of time for that- he isn't even two yet. :)


Anonymous said...

Isn't it just so very fascinating to watch the development of a little child? I think seeing the world through the fresh new eyes of a little child is one of life's best treasures. Luke is making connections and figuring out his world and how it all works. We love you, baby boy:)

Hope said...

He sounds so darn cute!