Thursday, April 9, 2009

Paddling Downstream

Luke is becoming quite the water baby. At our mommy and me swim class, he squeals with delight even before he gets into the pool. Once he is in, he begins kicking and splashing like there is no tomorrow! More than one fellow mother has remarked on his voracity for the water, and some move away so that their child does not get splashed on.

Luke also loves his bath. As soon as we started the swim class, he had to be moved from the kitchen sink to the big bath tub. He needed more room to move about and I was done drying off myself and the kitchen. Here is a short clip of our little fish:


Bethany said...

We love it! Clara and I just watched this 3 times, and she wants more.

Hope said...

so cute!!

Anonymous said...

That is just too cute. Luke you just get more and more adorable every day!! Let's go splashing together!! mm