Wednesday, April 1, 2009

7 Things

Luke is now seven months old! Wow, time passes so quickly. He is weighing in at 21lbs, which is pretty much unchanged since last month. Here are some things about him:

1. Luke can sit up very tall, and for long periods of time. Last month he was just starting this and I had to be near him so that I could catch him if he started falling. He loves sitting up and playing with toys.

2. Luke's favorite thing right now is to eat/suck on fresh fruit in his high chair. I cut up some cold fruit from the fridge and put it into this little mesh bag with a handle and give it to him. He beams as I hand it over an then begins gnawing at it ravenously. I wonder if he might be part wild animal. Pears are a special favorite.

3. We have begun a Mommy and Me swim class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Luke LOVES the water. He is not afraid at all, though other kids looked a little worried about him as he splashed and splashed!

4. More teeth must be in our future because the drooling has only increased since the first two teeth came through.

5. Luke can eat pretty much any vegetable and fruit now. He especially enjoys sweet potatoes and mixed veggies in the evenings.

6. Beyond sitting up, this month, our little guy learned how to turn around in a circle and scoot backwards. He loves this new mobility.

7. I have added an afternoon feeding/treat to Luke's diet to keep up with his hunger. He has pretty much held steady at 21 lbs, so I don't think that he is getting too much.

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