Monday, April 21, 2008

5 Months

Some pictures at 5 months.

I had a good 5 month visit with my midwife. When she tried to get the heartbeat with the doppler tool, LJ (we'll call him this for short "little Jonesie"), kept moving so that it took a while to get a good heartbeat. She was surprised at how much he moved. :)

My mom sometimes relates a story about me when I was about 5 years old. I was singing with the kids choir at church one Sunday while my mom and a friend were listening. When her friend asked which child belonged to her, she pointed at me, saying "the wiggly one on the end." So, now I have a wiggly one of my own, "the wiggly one in my belly."


Bethany said...

You look great! (get it?) Really, you are looking quite beautiful--and the baby is showing nicely! Whenever we mention you now, Clara says "baby in tummy." So thanks for posting the pictures so we can see what you look like with a baby in your tummy.

Ma Torg said...

Very cute. I hope I get to see the belly in person! Of course, I want to see the baby more. (:

Katie Jones said...

I am honored to be known as Aunt Katie "baby in tummy." How cute.