Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So, this is kind of a news and weather post.

Spring is really beautiful in Houston. The weather is great and the trees and flowers are in bloom. I never really paid that much attention tot he seasons because after living in Southern CA for so long, I almost forgot that everyday was not just a variation on Spring or Fall (though there is something very nice about that).

Anyways, this year I really wanted to get a garden started and redo some of the front and backyard space. I never realized how much there was to keeping up a yard, let alone trying to grow anything extra. Our house was VERY lush when we moved in and had lots of landscaping. Also, our neighborhood looks nice and our neighbors really do keep up their lawns (at least in front), so we want to make sure that ours looks nice too. I don't mean to sound like I am complaining about all the yard work. Actually, I love it and wish I had more time to devote to taking care of the outdoors. All I mean to say is that it is just a bit shocking when you move from a little apartment to a house int he South with a large lot.

Last year I started my garden in May, kind of as an afterthought. Um, that was not a good idea. Starting out so late, my plants were just too immature to handle the intense Houston heat and humidity. I worked with my plants all summer and ended up with one tomato and one small shriveled bell pepper.

This year, I began as soon as I could and planted: 5 pots with tomatoes, one strawberry plant, a rosemary bush, 4 rose bushes (to replace some ugly or dead plants), and 12 big bulbs (also to replace dead/ugly plants).

My azalea:
My little patio garden. The big garden is on hold due to the practical limitations of being increasingly pregnant and eventually having baby #2.

I have also done a lot of trimming and cutting back of some of the plants that we already have growing. Today, for example, I lopped off all the crepe myrtles. I realized only recently that this is something that you are supposed to do every year. :) Maybe I'll have our whole yard figured out by the time we leave this house, whenever that may be.

The crepe myrtles:


Anonymous said...

Wow Katie it sounds like you are getting the exercise in the yard. It looks good and I bet that Luke loves to be outside beside you doing all that:) mm

Geoff Anderson said...

Ow, gardening! This is one of the activities that I miss since I left my hometown. This activity is the best bonding moment with my mom. I usually help my mom in watering her plants, and choosing good flowers. I remember when my mom harvested some flowers. She placed those in some of our vases. If you'll visit our house, you'll see lots of fresh flowers.