Monday, March 7, 2011

Bellies and the Week Without Daddy

This past week, Nathan was in CA on business and to be a groomsman in a good friend's wedding. While he was gone, Luke and I kept the home fires burning so to speak. Acutally, we were not home much at all. Thanks to the kindness of friends and family, we only ate dinner by ourselves 3 of the 7 nights Nathan was away. Thanks to everyone for the help- especially Aunt Bethany!

Last week was tough on Luke emotionally. I didn't realize how much he missed Nathan until we got him back again. Last night he was bubbly and happy and sooo excited to talk to and hug him.
It was tough on me as well, being pregnant. I took a nap everyday and was still really spent by the end of the day. I also felt faint at least a couple of times each day and was a little worried about that.
Today, I had a Dr.'s appt. The Dr. visit went really well and Luke was still in such good spirits that he was a very good boy all the way through the hour or so at the office. Whew! I am now seeing each of the midwives (there are 4) for a second time. I just keep thinking how lucky I am to have them.

Everything checked out as normal and the baby's heartbeat was nice and strong. About the feeling faint, they said that it was relatively normal, especially with extra work at home and encouraged me to keep resting and eating well. Today I felt strong all day.

Here are some pictures from today at 23 and 1/2 weeks along:

Luke wanted you all to see his belly too:


Anonymous said...

We are still laughing-Luke you are priceless. We love to see your belly. It is an adorable little boy belly and your big smile makes us feel very happy:) love,mm

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

LOL - love Luke's belly shot! Katie yours is quite cute as well. :)

Aunt S said...

The two bellies! It's an adorable pic of Luke. His expression is so sweet. And Katie, your little belly is growing, growing. Little Miss Jonesers will be here before you know it. BTW, I'm still in favor of the long, rather elegant-sounding names with short, cute nicknames as alternates. LOl

Anonymous said...

I just came back here this morning to see Luke's little face- and your belly too big boy:)-- it makes me smile again... (And thinking again about all 3, no, 4 now!! Enjoy your cosy spot, little girl!) mm

Anonymous said...

ps-to Susie-me,too!