Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two, and confirmation that we are are growing a St. Bernard

Two... Luke is definitely a two-year-old. So far, I definitely have a love/hate relationship with the twos.

I'll list what I appreciate about the twos first:

-At church on Sunday, we were singing, "Let us now lay aside all earthly cares." Luke, who likes to sing for most of the liturgy (and at the top of his lungs, bless his little heart :) ) sang " applesauce.." I never realized how much "lay aside" and "applesauce" sounded that much alike before.

-Today, when I told Luke that we were going to visit the Doctor, he replied' "Dr. Seuss?" Oh yes, I wish that we WERE visiting Dr. Seuss. This visit was for a check up and shots instead.

- Luke says "I lub you" and gives snuggles at bed time.

- Luke sings spontaneously and often- usually it's "Twinkle, twinkle," or a Wiggles Song.

- Luke can pretend things and plays on his own sometimes

Now, my not so favorite things:

-tantrums. period. Today there were tooooooo many!

- Luke says, "I don't want it" to many things that he may not want, but needs. He also tells us, "That's enough" when he doesn't want us to sing or talk or do anything he doesn't want us to do.

- Luke pushes other kids- a lot. I've tried many things to dissuade this behavior, but nothing seems to stick. I just want to stay home some days.

The twos are terrible and wonderful at the same time- it seems that I can't have one with out the other.

Oh, and at the Dr. appt. today, We found out that Luke is 36" tall and 34lbs. That put him in the 95-100% for both categories.....

I love you Luke! Happy two!


Rod said...

Oh the passion of the "2s"; make lots of notes and take lots of pictures about the good things. Someday you will have forgotten most of the bad and the memories and pics will be keepsakes. Sing APPLESAUCE Luke!!! You will have time for all those earthly cares later.

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

I feel your frustration over the difficult parts of the twos! Josiah is in the midst of it as well, only he's hitting instead of pushing. And last night he sat in his chair and yelled and cried for TWO HOURS, refusing to finish his dinner.

But it DOES get better. At least different. :) I keep looking at my older children and reminding myself of that!

Hope said...

I feel ya! The Two's are full of joys and frustrations! Hang in there. CUTE picture of him in those shoes. I can't believe he's 2!

Christi said...

I just love that little boy! He's grown so much in the last year that I've known him, and he has such a good heart. He's also lucky to have an amazingly patient, enthusiastic, and loving mom. :)

Anonymous said...

We are reading this and laughing because Paul is one inch taller and one pound heavier and one year older!! Luke you are a big boy. And yes a big boy with a heart of gold. When my kids were little a grandma said "Oh the twos are soo precious. I love the twos." I thought that time had clouded her mind. Well now I think the same. The twos are such precious time. So much wonder at the world, so much innocence in their eyes, so much discovery and learning.... Gotta love it!!