Monday, July 20, 2009

One Week to Go

That's right, we are only in Southern CA one more week. Next Sunday afternoon Luke and I fly up north to see my family before heading out to Texas. Nathan and Evan are driving our cars out beginning Monday morning. I only say "beginning," because it will take them 3 days!

The goodbyes are getting more difficult as the move draws closer. On Saturday, we all went over to go swimming with a family from our church. They have a little boy (the same one who asked me if Luke had "hatched" when I was pregnant) who shares the same God-parents as Luke. He discovered this one Sunday and declared himself Luke's God-brother. Well, I guess that is so. :) Anyways, we had a great time swimming and Luke had a great time crawling around and watching the boys play. When we had to go, his God-brother went inot his parent's bathroom and wouldn't come out. He didn't want to say goodbye to Baby Luke; they were just beginning to be such great buddies.

I about cried at that point. I understand a little of what he was feeling (though from the other side). I too feel like I am leaving behind developing friendships. We will do our best to keep in contact from Texas, but I know things cannot be the same.

So that this is not just a sad post, I have one cute Luke story to relay: I was holding Luke yesterday as we were singing our last hymn at church. He liked it so much that he began singing along too. It sounded like "laaaaaaa.....laaaaaaaa." He has done this before, but this time I could hear him trying to match the pitch. He was also trying to hold out his note a long time. I was amazed, and he looked very pleased with himself.


Anonymous said...

I do think that Luke is quite a musical little boy:) (And thank you for helping us to think on him-that always will bring a smile) mm

La Mailleraye said...

I understand your feelings about leaving friendships that are just beginning. With all the moving we have done recently, I've had to fight off the feeling that it's not worth all the work to meet new people if I'm just going to have to say goodbye in a few months. Looking forward to seeing you in Texas!

Hope said...

That so cute that he sings with you in church!
I'm sad to see you go...