Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Time is going by FAST! Luke is going FAST! Fast describes our life right now. For instance, today I packed several boxes, got 4 new tires on the Avalon, got pre-approved for a home loan, went on too walks with Luke, took all of our recycling in, went grocery shopping, and read a little.

Tomorrow will be a slower day. We have church in the morning and I will pack while Luke naps in the afternoon. I think that I will spend the rest of the afternoon just with Luke. He seems to be aware that everything is changing around him. Maybe all the boxes in our living room a re a hint. :)

Here is a video of Luke crawling on hands and knees. He is so fast!



Anonymous said...

I see that Luke is getting his exercise too!! You have your own diaper derby there. He will love the long hallways in Hazen house!! NPJ are his security that he will cling to. mm

Anonymous said...

oops, I wrote YOU and NPJ are his security- and I wanted to write that I just love this stage. It is a unique time of life never to repeat when one gets to move on all 4s and see the world about 12 inched off the floor-and it just looks so darn cute to see his little butt wiggling back and forth!!

Katie Jones said...

mm, you make me smile :)

Hope said...

Packing boxes? ARe you moving?

Ma Torg said...