Saturday, June 6, 2009

Standing up and New Shoes

Luke wants to stand ALL the time. Every time I try to put him down, he stiffens up his legs and tries to plant them. He can't stand on his own, but the coffee table, pack and play rim, mommy's leg, etc... are great to hold onto. My dad was in town this week and helped him work on pulling himself up. He can almost do it and is so proud!

Also, I just made this pair of brown leather shoes. I have made several pairs now and I think this is my favorite. Some ladies oohed and awwed over them today while we were out walking in Seal Beach.


Anonymous said...

Ah Luke, you and your million dollar smile:) You look so happy with yourself.... And I love those little shoes. They look just perfect for those little boys just toddling around the house! lyf,mm

Ma Torg said...

Wow, those are snazzy. If you can figure out a pattern that allows loosening and tightening around the ankles, you could patent that thing and make a buzillion.

Anonymous said...
Check out this site. Also you can find lots of shoe ideas if you look on a flicker craft sight.
Bethany Jean

Hope said...

I'm so impressed with the shoes! They look just like Robeez. You're so skilled!