Wednesday, June 24, 2009

10 Months!

How fast these milestones pass me by!

This month has been wonderful. Besides struggling to keep some kind of schedule with Luke's constant changes, it sure has been a joy to be mommy to such a wonderful little guy. :)

Luke is getting really fun to play with. He has a bucket and a set of plastic blocks that go into that bucket. I have been dumping them out and showing him how to put them back in. He LOVES putting them back in (yay!) and enjoys it even more when I smile and clap and tell him what a good job he is doing.

Luke also like to take things out. His clothes are mainly stacked under his changing table for easy access. Well, now he is accessing them... and then throwing them all over the floor. I am going to have to fix this at some point, but he does get so much joy in throwing them all over the place.

This morning, Luke finally figured out that it is easier to crawl on hands and knees than to do his usual belly crawl. I was shocked! I had completely given up hope. He also pulls up on anything and everything, and has more than once, let go of whatever he was holding onto. He will be standing very soon.

Yesterday we wen to the beach with some friends. It was a disaster (made better by my friend's calm presence). Luke loved the waves. He sat in the sand and waited for them to come and get his little legs wet. I stood right next to him and picked him up whe the bigger waves came. At one point, however, he pulled his hat off and leaned over to try and crawl around. I grabbed for his hat (argh! baby must wear the hat-no sunburns and skin cancer!), and at the same time, a wave came and pushed him over. He was a very sandy, wet, crying baby. Poor baby- I felt horrible.

We went to get him cleaned off at one of the beach showers. He screamed all through this process and kept trying to rub his eyes with his sandy hands. I got him rinsed off as best as I could (sand on babies is soooo sticky!), and then we sat and ate cheerios and applesauce in the shade. He took a while to recover from the fright, but after some quiet time with Mommy, and the yummy snacks, everything was ok again. Whew!

I will end with a video of Luke trying to let go of the coffee table:


Anonymous said...

Your right, it won't be long! He looks like he's having sooo much fun. Can't wait to see him again. Papa J.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Happy 10 month birthday Luke.