Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Preview

I've been busy with my Christmas projects, advent projects, etc...

Here's a peek:
It is not easy to get both of your children to smile at the same time- especially when one is 4months old, and the other is rather obstinate :)

Oh, and aren't these adorable shoes? $1, yes just $1. If anyone needs a personal shopper, I'll send you my portfolio :)


Rachel Finch said...

Adorable pictures of the kids!!! :) They look so cute!

and $1!??! How is that possible!? I love 'em.

Anonymous said...

I sure do hope to get a picture like the first ones:)....(that first one is so funny-Little Rebekah looks like quite a handful for Luke!)
Those shoes are very fun-you are an amazing shopper, Katie dear.

Denae said...

I consider success when everyone is looking in the direction of the camera. Cute shoes. =)

Bethany said...

I LOVE that first picture. The way Rebekah is looking up is fabulous--and Luke's expression as he's barely holding onto his big baby sister. Awesome. :)

Aunt S said...

You are the best shopper! And your sweeties are the cutest. Where'd you find the deal on shoes?