Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rebekah Grows!

Rebekah is growing so fast! A couple of days ago I noticed that she was getting too big for her 6 month onesies! Also, her legs are so long that her feet now stick out of the infant car seat. I had hoped to keep her in it longer than I think I will be able to. Next Monday is her next Dr. appointment. We will see how big she has grown over the past month.

Here are some recent pictures:

In her little watermelon outfit:
A nice close-up:
Sleeping on Daddy (she likes sleeping on someone's shoulder best of all)
On Grandpa:Oh, and we can't forget Luke!


Rachel Finch said...

Great pictures! I love those eyes of hers!!

Ma Torg said...

You're getting quite the workout with that cute baby!!! No wonder you're so skinny. (:

Anonymous said...

Ahh little Rebekah we cannot wait to let you sleep on us!! And we cannot wait to play with Luke-You be Thomas and I'll be Percy! mm

Aunt S said...

Adorable photos!! Rebekah has grown so much!!