Friday, May 6, 2011

Birth is Messy

Luke: You have a big baby in your tummy
Me: Yes, I do here she is (put hand on belly)
Luke: And she isn't going to pop out yet. She is still growing.
Me: Yes, she is growing bigger and bigger.
Luke: (covering his face) Then she's gonna pop out your belly and its going to get all over my head.
Me: (Where in the world did he get that from?)

He has also told me on a few occasions that "You gonna need a new shirt mommy, when the baby pops out."

We haven't shown him any birth videos (and won't). Where does he get this? :)


Anonymous said...

Katie that is too hilarious! (I am visualizing a baby ripping out of a shirt.) Oh Luke you have a very active imagination. mm

Ma Torg said...

Edmund says things like that too (and we are crazy and actually try to correct him). On another note, we showed the girls birth videos before Edmund came (before there 2nd and 3rd birthdays) and they LOVED them. Yes, we are weird, but he was born at home!

Bethany said...

Clara loved birth videos too (before Jane's birth), but I'm not sure what Luke would think . . . it sounds like he's imagining the baby popping your belly wide open. And that would be messy!

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Jonathan found birth videos fascinating before Josiah was born. Since Josiah was going to be born at home, and we were offering him the choice to be present, we wanted him to have an accurate understanding of what would happen.

Personally, I think that things like birth videos and a very matter-of-fact explanation of the process will be good groundwork for later discussions of our bodies and sexuality. At least I hope so! :)