Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"No Scream."

A quick story about our ever changing little boy. :)

Today we were over at the Getz house celebrating Jane Marie's 1 week birthday. It was lots of fun- we dressed up, had cupcakes and tea, presents and all. Clara was the party organizer. I think that she is really enjoying being a big sister!

After the party part was over, we stayed around for a while and the kids played in the living room. Clara was frustrated about something and screamed. Luke, sitting and playing with stacking blocks, put down the blocks and went over to Clara. Then he told her quietly, "No scream. No scream." Apparently, though he does not always follow the rules, he is learning them! We laughed and Uncle Evan yelled from the kitchen, "No hypocrisy!"

Yes, as has been mentioned here before, Luke has a bit of a reputation as a screamer. :)

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Christi said...

How cute! He's just growing up!