Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Luke is beginning to develop some favorites. Noah, or anything related to Noah and his ark, are always a big hit with him. We have about 4 Noah's ark books now. He recognizes Noah in each of the books, even though the pictures of him are different. I used to let him read a Noah's ark book in church, but it is dangerous to do that now. The congregation hears, "No-ah!!, No-ah, there's No-ah." All very happy noises, but noisy none the less. :)

Luke also continues to like cars and balls the best. He pushes his Tonka truck around the house constantly. He throws any ball that he finds lying around. He is definitely a boy!

Luke's favorite thing to watch is a kid's music group from Australia called "The Wiggles." We download a few episodes with our Netflicks subscription. They sing and dance and have SO MUCH ENERGY! Luke taps his feet and really enjoys himself. I'll admit, I like the Wiggles too.

Oh, and a list of new words: purple(pupple), turtle (tuttle), jacket (jackee), coffee (coppy), cup (cup), elephant (eppant), truck (chuck), pants (pants), shirt (shut), etc...

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Jessica said...

Fruit salad...yummy yummy! He's getting so big!