Tuesday, December 1, 2009

15 months

I am exhausted from staying up all night with a sick Luke, but it really is time that I blogged. There have been so many new milestones in Luke's life lately.

1. Luke is completely done with his pacifier. He was using it to help fall asleep until about two weeks ago. I was putting him down and he pulled the pacifier out of his mouth and handed it to me as if to say, "I don't need this anymore," and settled into sleep.

2. Screaming problems are almost a thing of the past (except in church of all places, or when other children scream). We began a timeout routine and the screaming has subsided.

3. Luke no longer needs to hold my hand to fall asleep. This practice developed after he stopped being swaddled and was beginning to drive me nuts, so I spent a few nights not doing it, and he stopped expecting it. (Fancy that!)

4. Luke enjoys his car rides much more now thanks to Dan Zanes. Every parent should have Dan around for such occasions. We love his lyrics and music. Here is our favorite: Rocket Ship Beach. It is not easy finding decent music for kids that parents can enjoy too. Dan promotes family music making and Luke just adores it. Thanks to the Getzses for introducing us.

5. Nathan and Luke blow kisses to one another. This is adorable. :)

6. Luke had a huge growth spurt in the last 3 months, and is now at 32" tall and 28lbs.

That is all for now. My sick baby is ready to have a meltdown.


Saray said...

Hi, can I ask you where the picture of that gorgeous church was taken? I love how it looks :) Congratulations on having such a healthy baby.
Greetings from Spain!

Hope said...

Aww, so fun to hear the update! I'm sorry Luke's been sick; I hope he's better soon.