Monday, August 3, 2009


This last week has been packed with so many blessings that I am beginning to feel overwhelmed. Having recently completed a cross-country move with two cars and a sub one-year-old (and still being in the midst of it really), I have realized that there is a lot that goes into such an enterprise.
We were very blessed by all the help that we received from family, friends and work.

Some highlights of our journey:

We moved temporarily to a fully furnished home- Nathan's sister and her family opened up their home to us while we look for a place of our own. This has given us some normalcy in an otherwise chaotic time. I can cook and we can have family dinners, and a normal-ish routine for Luke's sake.

Nathan filled out paperwork yesterday for his new position (he is in the same job, with the same parent company, but a different subsidiary since we are in Texas) and discovered that we will have better health benefits for about half as much as we were paying in CA. It feels like an instant raise.

Luke and I visited a church on Sunday and the people were very friendly (without being too friendly). I love Southern hospitality! I had several offers to babysit Luke while we house hunt by the end and an invitation to join the choir. Mostly, I was just grateful to be somewhere familiar- an advantage of being Orthodox is that the liturgy is the same in CA and Texas.

Luke and I explored our new area Saturday and Sunday and found a great grocery store and nearby Target. I think prices for most things are better here. I got 4 big bags of groceries for less than $20 without using coupons. Also, gas is $2.37.

I am overwhelmed by this new life. So many new things, new people, new everything. I miss home, but I am grateful for God's provision.

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Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

You're making me want to move to Texas. :) I'm glad everything is falling into place for you!