Monday, November 24, 2008

Baby Lukey in Texas

Luke was a trooper on the plane ride to Texas- he did not cry once! The young men sitting behind us eyed us skeptically as we boarded the plane, but as we were getting off, they remarked that he was the best baby they had ever flown with. Much of Luke's happy trip was due to the fact that the plane was only half full and he was able to lay out between Grammy and I.

When we arrived in Houston, we were greeted by Uncle Evan, Aunt Bethany, and Clara Lee. Luke has really enjoyed Clara. He is especially fond of watching her dance around and play. Clara also loves talking to Luke and there have been several conversations between them. They mostly go something like this:

Clara: "Hi Baby Lukey!"

Luke: "Agoo!!!" or a loud Squeal

Clara: "Agoo!!!" or a loud Squeal (to show that she could speak his language)

Also, Clara is teaching Luke how to be a big boy. If he is fussy, she will tell him, "There's no need to cry Baby Lukey, there is nothing to be sad about." She teaches him politeness too, directing him to say please and thank you. Luke has not quite caught onto these new words yet, but I suppose it is never too early to start.

(Just a note: Clara is the only person allowed to call Luke, Lukey. Baby Luke is acceptable, as well as other cute nicknames.)

I have included some pictures of the traveling baby and his new friends. Also, see a video and more pictures at Bethany's blog

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